At the recent AGM of Waimea Old Boys Rugby Football Club Duane Whiting was nominated for life Membership, which was passed unanimously by members present.

Sincere congratulations to Duane for an honour well deserved


A transcript of Duane’s Nomination

This CV speaks for itself:
Not only has Duane given over 22 years of service to Waimea Old Boys, he and his family have contributed financially and personally to Waimea Old Boys.

Besides having numerous rugby players stay at the Whiting family home for little or no cost, he has arranged accommodation, transport, food and employment for new players over many years.

Before our overseas players arrived, Duane was very instrumental in the Visa applications and other formalities that were required to enable these players to enter the country and play for Waimea.

He has made considerable financial donations to the club over these years and donated time and equipment for a number of projects including the recent erection of the ground lights.

At the recent Club Awards Dinner Duane purchased James Low’s Chiefs jersey for $700.00 and immediately donated it to the club

Duane commenced coaching at the club in 1997, and in 1998 while continuing to coach in the junior ranks also filled the role of Junior Club Captain.

In 2008 Duane was elected Vice-President and a year later in 2009 became the President of Waimea Old Boys Rugby Football Club.

Duane held the office of President for 8 years surpassing the second longest accumulative term of past Club Presidents

Recognition of Duane by way of Life Membership is an acknowledgement and appreciation of that service and his contribution of 22 years of his life to Waimea Old Boys Rugby Football Club.

Duane has made no intentions of retiring from Waimea Old Boys in the near future and this only adds to Duanes’s reputation and another reason why the honour of Life Membership Waimea Old Boys should be bestowed upon him.

Since standing down from The President’s office, Duane has taken his place on the new Board, and contributed significantly in its inaugural year, with prominent involvement in Sponsorship, organisation of the Awards Dinner and other tasks necessary for the Club to run efficiently and effectively.

Duane’s loyalty and commitment to Waimea Old Boys Rugby Football Club is beyond reproach and the awarding of a Life Membership to Duane Whiting should be a formality and one that is sincerely deserved.

This is a small snapshot of Duane’s passion and commitment to Waimea Old Boys.

I consider it an honour and a privilege to nominate Duane Whiting for the honour of Life Membership Waimea Old Boys Rugby Football Club