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It's On!

  • Waimea Old Boys Pre-Season Training 2015


    Posted Jan 26, 2015, 1:52 AM by Katherine Oldham
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We have celebratory Waimea rugby merchandise available to purchase NOW!  

WOB on WOBbers!!


Waimea Old Boys Club Polo $75


         Waimea Old Boys  Beanie and Caps $20 each

Waimea Old Boys Scarve $35

Aleisha Hart - "Unsung Hero"


President's Report

  • Waimea Old Boys President’s Report 2011
    A Message From The President ...
    Welcome to the 2011club rugby season.  

    This year the Waimea Old Boys Club is home to players from far and wide as we open our doors to players from Japan and Portugal, as well as players from several different regions around our country.

    It is a big year for rugby in New Zealand, starting with our Club season which is well and truly underway, and progressing through the levels, culminating in the biggest stage of all, the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

    We are excited as a Club and as a region, to be playing host to three pool games, in what is sure to be a great sporting spectacle.

    Before we go too much further, I must make a special mention of the sponsors that either have rejoined us for this season or have come on board for the first time.

    Without sponsors, clubs like ours can’t survive, and Waimea Old Boys wish to thank them for all of their support, both now and in the future.

    The Club-Rooms have had a bit of a makeover over the off season, and now really look the part as we head into a year that is no doubt the biggest we have seen for rugby in this country.

    Good luck to all WOB teams for the coming season.

    Duane Whiting, President.

    Posted May 13, 2011, 3:28 AM by Katherine Oldham
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Members of the 2010/2011 Waimea JAB Under 9 Touch Team, from left, Ramiro Oakley, Damian Aitken, Thomas Hattan, Callan Little, Sam Smoleneski, Brayden Little and Reilly Oldham from the JAB Under 8 Blue Touch Team.





Waimea Old Boys - Our Club Rooms




Waimea Old Boys - Warm Up Top

Ritchie Throwing Up the Big W



Cancellation Notices

  • Cancellation Notices Cancellation Notices: There are NO Cancellation Notices
    Posted Jan 6, 2015, 4:49 PM by Katherine Oldham
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WOBber ScoreBoard

  • The WOBber SCORE-Board 02.08.2014
    The WOBber SCORE-Board 02.08.2014
    Waimea College Old Boys U-18 verses Nelson College 3rd XV, WON 40-5

    Brilliant to see Seniors on the sideline at the kids game today, their season finished 2 weeks ago, they still "walking the walk".... those young players certainly notice :-)
    WOB on WOBbers!

    Waimea Old Boys Quiz Night is Saturday 9th August

    #WOBberQuizNight #WOBber #JABWOBbers #proudtobeaWOBber #proudofourrugbyclub #WOBberinthemaking

    Posted Aug 2, 2014, 8:48 PM by Katherine Oldham
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The Draw

  • Total Lubricants Richmond Touch Draw for Wednesday 28th January 2015
    Total Lubricants Richmond Touch Draw for Wednesday 28th January 2015

    Posted Jan 22, 2015, 9:46 PM by Katherine Oldham
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JAB - Important Announcements

  • Check Out All Our WOBber Players Listed In The Rep Teams ...
    Woop woop ...
    Check out all our WOBber players listed in the Rep Teams ...

    Nelson Bays U48kg Representative Team 2014
    Jack Hahn, Max Goulter, Jordan Sterling- Rowling, Jeen Salton

    Nelson Bays U65kg Representative Team 2014
    Damian Ross, Kaleb Knight

    Town U11 Representative Team 2014
    Marshall Stanley, Jack Danielson Watts, Sam Schultz, Lawson Inglis, Dylan Irvine, Luke Brown, Finlay Waters, Callan Little

    Town U12 Representative Team 2014
    Waimea OB Inter 1: Nathan Hania
    Waimea OB Inter 2: Jake Millener, Aston Inwood, Marcus Curry, Josh Flowers- Maximus Curry, Sam Wright, Max Patterson, Mackay Springer 

    A huge congrats goin' out to all the players that tried out, and if you didn't make it in this year, keep playing Rrrrrrrugby and keep havin' fun!
    "Play Hard. Play Fair!" and WOB on!

    #WOBber #JABWOBbers

    For the full list on all players selected, please go to the Tasman Rugby Union Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tasmanrugbyunion/posts/1509036182641672
    Posted Jul 23, 2014, 1:51 AM by Katherine Oldham
  • Check out our JAB WOBber Hoodies ...
    Check out our JAB WOBbers, the "Waimea Red Under 12" and their awesome JAB WOBber Hoodies!!!
    Thanks to the team sponsors for footing the cost of the Hoodies:
    Russet (Nelson) Ltd, Steve Packer Contracting Ltd, Bowater Toyota {Bowater Motor Group}, and Totara Brewing Company
    WOB on!

    #WOBber #JABWOBbers #proudofourrugbyclub #proudtobeaWOBber #WOBberinthemaking

    Posted Jul 4, 2014, 2:40 PM by Katherine Oldham
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WOBRFC - Gladstone Road, Nelson, Tasman 7020


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These days rugby clubs can’t run without sponsorship and Duane is grateful to the businesses that have got behind and are committed to the club for 2014 Season.

“A big, big thank you to all our sponsors - we can’t operate without you and we want to give you maximum exposure and suitable results for your dollars,” he says.








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